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23-04-2007 until 31-12-2018

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Siamamulets Forum Posting Guidelines (Please read)

Dear all, with reference to the below suggested quote:

Originally Posted by Chilli_peppers
I would like to suggest all brothers and sisters here

1. NOT to post picture here directly but instead, put it up in either or yahoo photo albums etc. Just put the link here so people can go see.

2. NOT to quote with pictures, can always delete the picture in the Quote box before reply and submit.

This is done to save bandwith which will benefit everyone as

1. It will cost the forum owner lesser to continue finance this little corner of joy for you and me.

2. This is good for everyone as more space for ideas to be kept here for longer time and thus can serve as a good library of amulet knowledge and information.

3. For those making sales, having it in a common website will allow you to also market it to other forums/sites/customers as you can just give them the link and do not need to keep one cut and paste/scan the picture for them as some do not have access to this forum etc.

I sincerely hope this can be done for the welfare of you and me.
The following will take immediate effect for the considerations of maximising knowledge sharing with minimum disruption of taking up unwanted bandwidth and forum web space unneccesarily.

1. All picture attachment option in all subforums is disabled. Henceforth please host your pictures on 3rd party image hosting webs. For those who dont have a clue what I am talking about, please visit this thread to find out more.

2. Please refrain from quoting posts with:
a. Pictures, by doing so, you are adding additional bandwidth. It is irritating to scroll down a quoted post with 20 pictures just to see a comment, "Thanks for sharing!"

b. Long text quote. There are a few scholars in the forum who can write so well that its also very frustrated to see another quoted post with "Thanks for sharing..."

3. For those who are using a simple link to your hosted picture gallery, please continue to do so, so be it for sales or picture sharing.

Please try to understand that how cyber forums work, not just siamamulets alone. Every single text, picture, smiley, all contribute to consume web space. The admin team has never seek funds from public source to fund the forum, its all out of goodwill passion for this hobby, but do not take us for granted, I am here to put things to better order so please do co-operate and follow the guidelines.

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