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spjeffrey 24-07-2017 10:43

Mass chanted
Wat Prasat
Phra Somdej Prok Pho
B.E 2506
Awarded 4th placing in recent competition

Asking for SGD$198

A fire broke out in Wat Prasat casing serious damage to the temple in B.E 2506. Hence many famous monk such as Lp Nak ,Lp Hin of Wat rakang,Lp Toh of Wat Praduchimplee, Lp Ngern of Wat Don-yai-hom, Lp Pae Wat Pikuntong, Ajarn Tim of Wat Changhai and even Lp Tim Wat Lanhanrai etc.. joined in the mass chanting ceremony which was held twice. ( 1st time - 4day & 4 night, 2nd time 3day & 3 night) A total of around 300 monks join this masses chanting.

Many types of amulets such as Phra Sakachai, Phra Somdej and Phra Pidta were made. Some of the amulet added that have been recorded are

- Fragments of Phra Somdej amulet from Wat Bangkhunphrom
- Fragments of Phra Somdej from Wat Paknam
- Old takruts, loop om, Rian
- Soil gathered from 4 holy places of the Buddha's time
- Mineral ore, See Pheung, Nur Din
- Phong Itije, Phong Maharaj, Phong Puttamang
- Holy metal plates that were used to write Yantras

spjeffrey 24-07-2017 16:59

Luang Pu Tim
Wat Lanhanrai
Phra Nangphaya Prapong Pim Sampluem
B.E 2517
Made for Wat Bowin

Asking For SGD$158

The first Phra Nangphaya image was created during the era of Ayuttaya period in the province of Phitsanulok. Why Phra Nangphaya is known as queen of amulet because during the ear, the temple of Phra Nangphaya was built for the purpose of merits making to his Queen, mother of King Naresuan, therefore Thai name the amulet as "Queen of Thailand amulets". Phra Nangphaya is also known as one of the amulet in Benjapakee set, making it the top 5 amulet to have in a set in the Thai kingdom.

Luang Pu Tim chanted this batch of Phra Nangphaya as release in Wat bowin as during Luang Pu Timís life time, he had made many amulet for other temple such as Wat Bowin, Wat Pailom and Wat Mae Nam Khu and not just Wat Lanhanrai itself. Amulet release in Wat Bowin chanted by Luang Pu Tim had been made with a special material that makes the amulet looks a bit waxy and that is what makes Wat Bowin amulet unique.

Phra Nangphaya is known to bless worshipers with very good attractiveness and respect from others, not only that but also keeping one safe from all danger and overcoming obstacles in life. As amulet made from Wat Lanhnarai had already hit sky rocket price, the only way to collect Luang Pu Timsís amulet is to collect those that are release in other temple that are still relatively affordable and collecting it before the price of the amulet rises to sky rocket price. Phra Nangphaya is not only just for ladies but also suitable for men and all walks of life and suitable for people who work in all line of work.

spjeffrey 25-07-2017 11:43

Luang Phor Pae
Wat Pikuntong
Phra Somdej (Lor Boran)
B.E 2503
Awarded 1st placing

Asking For SGD$300

A piece of Phra Somdej B.E 2503 as it is using the traditional pour mould method to make this beautiful Somdej. Moreover B.E 2503 features a smaller yant at the back of the piece. As B.E 2503 Phra Somdej have been made very little, this pieces makes it even harder to find in the market. Amulets chanted by Luang Phor Pae is known to hold great metta and wealth as Phra Somdej is known to bestows believer with all rounder protection and smooth sailing of life.

spjeffrey 26-07-2017 06:01

Luang Phor Pae
Wat Pikuntong
Phra Somdej "Ha pan" (5th batch)
Inserted with 3 tarkut
B.E 2534
Awarded 1st Placing

Asking For SGD$120

Luang Phor Pae’s Nur kesorn 108 pollen powders is famous for his metta and maha senah properties which it is a good piece to start for Luang Phor Pae starter as the prices are still affordable as compared to other phim. Original powdery powder of the phim is till visible in unworn condition. Great for smooth sailing in life without any big waves and good metta among workers or among family and friends. Awarded 1st placing in recent competition with cert ready on hand.

spjeffrey 26-07-2017 20:10

Luang Phor Pae
Wat Pikuntong
Phra Pita Roon Sorng
B.E 2514
Awarded 2 times 2nd Placing

Asking for SGD$180

A beautiful piece of Phra Pita chanted by Luang Phor Pae personally. Luang Phor Pae famous flower pollen and many holy powder have been added in this Pita and its well known that Pita chanted by him bestow not only protection to believers but also great wealth and metta. Many have experience his miracle and amulets chanted by him in the early years are highly soughed. Awarded 2 time 2nd placing in competition to prove its excellent condition!

spjeffrey 27-07-2017 23:13

Luang Pu Tim
Wat Lanhanrai
Loop Tai Luang Pu Tim
Hand Drawn Yant
B.E 2513
Comes with 90% gold casing

For SGD $2,888

Photo of Luang Pu is getting rarer in thai market as many good feedback that they receive, dealers are no willing to let go their own piece and instead wear it themselves or for show purpose only. Hand drawn yant makes it even more collectable!

Photo that are chanted in his own temple (Wat Lanhanrai) are even harder to be seen in the market and this is an mint condition of the photo that shows Luang Pu "samating". A excellent piece to own as Luang Pu's amulet are consistently rising in the market and even for photos that Luang Pu have chanted before is also rising and harder to find in the market. By the way, do not look down on the power of a piece of photo.

spjeffrey 28-07-2017 12:52

Mass Chanted
Wat Nong Krup
Kumantong Jindamanee
Commemorate 100 days passing of Lp Sakorn (Roy Wan)
B.E 2556

Asking for SGD100

spjeffrey 28-07-2017 21:58

Mass Chanted
Rian Nai Luang ( 9th King)
Wat Bowon
Nur Alpaka
Phim Niyom Suk
B.E 2539

Asking For SGD$168

This batch of amulet was created to celebrate 50th anniversary of 9th king reign from the ministry of interior. Head chnated by Sangkara Pae in Wat Bowon as many top monks around Thailand have been invited to join the chanting too.

After King 9th passing, this amulet have been one of the highly soughed amulet around Thailand and even news came out that a guy wearing this amulet survived an accident. There is a few phim niyom for this piece but Niyom Suk was the most expensive and more detailed phim among all other phim and this is why the prices for Niyom Suk is more pricey. An collector item not to be miss as prices have been rising constantly and an excellent piece for metta , authority protection and success in everything you do. As the royal cremation is set to be on 26 October 2017, amulets of king images or chanted by him are even highly sough in Thailand.

spjeffrey 29-07-2017 16:30

Luang Phor Cher
Wat Klang Bang Kaew
Mini Biagae (Thai Colour)

Asking For SGD80

Luang Phor Cher is well known throughout Thailand for his Biagae as he received all the teaching in ancient magic and science in particular of making great Biagae amulet and Jindamanee beads. A mini size Biagae wrapped with Thai colours made in the earlier years of Luang Phor cher and Biagea is known to have powerful protection from black magic and other forms of evil, ghost and spirits which is excellent for keeping the believers away from harm. Due to its small size it is an excellent piece to hand it at the back of your neck, for kids and even ladies to wear it daily and keep them protected.

spjeffrey 31-07-2017 00:45

Luang tar Chaiyat
Wat Kuan Kiam
Phra Khun Pean Roon Ruay Ruay Maha Setti
B.E 2560

Asking for SGD$50

Luang Tra Chaiyat is one of the hidden gem in the southen part of Thailand which his temple is located at Phatthalung Province area and he is well known for bestowing wealth to believer that came to visit him. This batch of Phra Khun Pean is created not only to have great metta but also hold greats wealth for the wearer. In Thai the word Ray means rich as Luang Tar wishes wearer of this amulet will be rich and richer.

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